PCY Unsung Hero: One who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them. 

Purpose: The Unsung Hero recognition is bestowed upon exceptional parents, teachers, and community members to honor them for their outstanding efforts on behalf of PCY: the school, families, students, and community.

Criteria: A parent, teacher/staff, and community member who has demonstrated being an exceptional volunteer in our school and local community in a style that promotes positive outcomes and school spirit. Heroes are those individuals who have gone beyond the normal call of volunteerism and display exceptional qualities including: A Definite Goal or Cause, Enthusiasm, Problem Solver, Achiever, Communicator, Courage to Make Tough Decisions, Self-Control, Persistence, a Clear Thinker, Innovator, and Personal Commitment. The nominee should be recognized for outstanding service to PCY and NOT for routine or assigned responsibilities. Specifically: 

  • The degree to which the Hero has exhibited dedication and selflessness.

  • The degree to which the Hero has made a special and significant impact on individuals, families, or the PCY campus.

  • The degree to which the Hero has gone “above and beyond” to serve and inspire others.

  • The degree to which the Hero has been a catalyst for change to improve the school.

Download (PDF) Unsung Heroes Nomination Form 

*** PCY honors our Unsung Heroes in the winter and spring,

but nominations are accepted all year long! *** 

Contact: Karley Busta