PCY Unsung Hero: One who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them. 

Purpose: The Unsung Hero recognition is bestowed upon exceptional parents, teachers, and community members to honor them for their outstanding efforts on behalf of PCY: the school, families, students, and community.

Criteria: A parent, teacher/staff, and community member who has demonstrated being an exceptional volunteer in our school and local community in a style that promotes positive outcomes and school spirit. Heroes are those individuals who have gone beyond the normal call of volunteerism and display exceptional qualities including: A Definite Goal or Cause, Enthusiasm, Problem Solver, Achiever, Communicator, Courage to Make Tough Decisions, Self-Control, Persistence, a Clear Thinker, Innovator, and Personal Commitment. The nominee should be recognized for outstanding service to PCY and NOT for routine or assigned responsibilities. Specifically: 

  • The degree to which the Hero has exhibited dedication and selflessness.

  • The degree to which the Hero has made a special and significant impact on individuals, families, or the PCY campus.

  • The degree to which the Hero has gone “above and beyond” to serve and inspire others.

  • The degree to which the Hero has been a catalyst for change to improve the school.

Download (PDF) Unsung Heroes Nomination Form 

*** PCY honors our Unsung Heroes in the winter and spring,

but nominations are accepted all year long! *** 

 April 2016 Unsung Hero

Heather Lhotka 

Heather is the personal hero of anyone at PCY who runs any kind of program which involves any kind of a sign up. Heather is currently the woman behind all our online orders. To say this job is complicated would be the understatement of the year. She works with each program chair, each fair chair, each T-shirt chair to make sure classes are filled, wristbands are purchased, and Cougar shirts are worn with pride. She keeps track of it all, hunts down checks and PayPal payments and even sends nifty report sheets to the program chairs so we know how many hamburgers were ordered or how many kids are signed up for each class. She also does a million other things for school, including teaching an awesome "Take Apart" class. And when she's not sporting the super cute boot she's got on right now, she runs. A lot. Like for fun. She also claims that she enjoys all these things and it's "no big deal," which works well for us! If you see Heather hobbling around campus please tell her thanks for all she does for PCY! Thank you Heather!

May 2016 Unsung Hero

Jenna Gausman

Each year, Jenna Gausman takes 25 kids into her science club classes. Toting snacks, balls, Legos, AND the science experiment, she entertains/teaches on a Friday when all 25 are bouncing off the walls. And her experiments are not just any old experiment either! Owl pellets, one for each kid! For dissection: Sharks! Squids! Sometimes her bag of tricks includes a live giant python or a giant (really!) tortoise (neither for dissecting!). She also has nominated some of her science kids to come to the district office and get recognized by the community. Jenna also has left her mark on many a class through Art Docent and Junior Great Books and library volunteers. PCY is so lucky to have Jenna working her magic here! Thank you Jenna!


May 2016 Unsung Hero

Liset Estrada-Rivera

At PCY, our 6th grade students are treated to an extraordinary final year of elementary school. The 6th Grade Yearbook is a prized possession for the kids, but it is a massive project for the chairperson. Liset Estrada-Rivera took on and completed this project with an abundance of talent and patience...and this was her second time! Liset is also known for taking on other totally thankless tasks like being the Chess Club chair and the Box Tops chair and also being our PTA Auditor! All thankless tasks but we would like to thank Liset for her quiet, unsung dedication to PCY! Thank you Liset!

Contact: Christa Evans