PCY parents volunteer their time and talent to teach Science Exploration Classes. Parents chose the topic, time and curriculum.  Therefore classes change every year.  No teaching experience is necessary.  

 Our program is open to K through 6 and each Science Exploration class meets roughly once a month for the school year, usually on the PCY campus.  Classes usually don't meet in months that have a lot of holiday time in them, like December, or only a week or two, like August and June.  You determine what you want to teach, when you want to teach (usually around 3pm on any weekday), how long the class will be, and what grade levels you want to include.  Classes for the younger students often fill up completely.  In the end, we will work with whatever you and your students agree to as far as time, place, and curriculum.


You will have a budget of $15 per student to work with and complete autonomy of curriculum, as long as the students are safe.  We are also flexible on the budget, as long as it is for a good cause.


Classes that have been offered in the past include:

  • Rockets and Airplanes - Flight Science
  • Take it Apart Class
  • Magnificent Medicine
  • Critters, Plants, and Rocks
  • Introduction to Science
  • Computer Design



Contact: science@pcypta.org