Robotics captures the essence of STEAM -- it combines design, engineering, creativity, and coding, and culminates in bringing a machine to life! Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO® bricks and software, all while developing new skills and having fun! 

PCY's new robotics program offers: 

  • Quality instruction by PCY parents who have a vested interest in the students' success (leaders include a Robotics Ph.D., JPLers, tech types, and many others in STEM fields); 
  • An exceptionally low student: teacher ratio of 6:1 for 2nd and 3rd grade classes, and 8:1 for 4th through 6th grades (other programs have 1 teacher and possibly a helper in a class of 20-25 students); 
  • A very low student:robot ratio of 2:1 (other programs put 4-5 students on each robot), and dedicated laptops for students to use to code their robots into action; 
  • Ample hands-on experience, an opportunity to struggle with problems, and just the right level of guidance for the kids to arrive at solutions to provide a confidence boost from their problem-solving skills
  • A full year of classes to offer not only a snapshot of what they can do, but a meaningful learning opportunity; and
  • Affordability. Local programs charge around $50 per class for robotics instruction. PCY's program is onsite, after school, a steal at about $20 per class, and any excess funds stay within the STEAM / Robotics budget -- they don't go to pad a company's bottom line.

Space is limited. Sign up for Robotics classes.

Contact: steam@pcypta.org