Junior Math Olympiad- Grades 2 and 3


Does your second or third grader love math? Does your child think number games are fun? Is a challenging math problem something he or she likes to tackle? If the answer is yes then PCY's Junior Math Olympiad program may be the program for him or her!  Second Grade classes will take place on Mondays during early and late bird times (either 8:10-9:05 or 1:55-2:50). Third graders come to class on Tuesdays from 8:10-9:05 or 1:55-2:50. Sign up now and we will place your child in a class based on his or her early or late bird assignment. We'd love to have your mathematician join our class!



Second Grade:

September 10,17, 24

October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

November 5, 26

December 3, 10, 17


No Class: 

November 12, 19

December 24, 31 


Third Grade:

September 11, 18, 25

October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

November 13, 27

December 4, 11, 18


No Class:

November 6, 20

December 25



Math Olympiad Team - Grades 4, 5 and 6


Does your child love math and problem-solving? Would they like hanging out with other kids doing just that? This team will push and challenge your child, preparing them for an international math competition as well as a district-wide competition. Join the PCPi MOEMS teams on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:15 

We currently have space for 60 teammates. If your child is interested, please take a moment to read this (Link to info page) and add them to our interest list. Please note that Math Olympiad is not a math remediation course or a child-care option. Math Olympiad will be an enjoyable experience to students who possess strong math skills and enthusiasm for problem-solving. The cost for the entire year is $200 and covers healthy snacks before every class and team T-shirts.

Friday 8/31/18 – Interest list expires

Friday 9/7/18 – Invitation to join teams are sent out

Wednesday 9/26/18 – Classes start

Wednesday 5/8/19 – Last class meeting



Grades 4-5-6, Wednesdays 3:00-4:15 pm


Math Olympiad Team (PCY PCPi) is a PTA sponsored after-school math competition team for students in 4th through 6th grade. Training sessions are held once per week at school on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:15 PM. This is a year-long program lasting from September to early May. Students in Math Olympiad Team will have the opportunity to participate in up to three math competitions, including MOEMS, Mathzilla!, and Math Field Day. MOEMS competitions will take place during our weekly sessions and Mathzilla! and Math Field Day will be two additional days to be announced in March at the latest.


In 2014, the La Canada Unified School District (LCUSD) adopted Math Olympiad as its official after-school mathematics enrichment program for GATE students as well as other students who show exceptional ability in math. Please know that Math Olympiad is not a math remediation course or a child-care option. Math Olympiad will be an enjoyable experience to students who possess strong math skills and enthusiasm for problem-solving. Participants are expected to behave responsibly, contribute to the team, and abide by a Code of Conduct.




Enrollment in the PCY Math Olympiad Team is done in two stages for ALL students, including returning participants:


  1. At the start of the school year, parents sign up through the PCY PTA website (pcypta.org) and sign up for Math Olympiad for their child/ren to join an interest list. Interest list sign-ups will close on 8/31/18. Returning students, please complete this step even if you have been previously approved or participated. This helps us in planning and forming new teams for this season.
  2. You will be notified by 9/7/18 if there is availability for your child to join a team. Parents will then be directed to complete the permission forms and pay a participation fee ($200). Teams will be filled by the following criteria:


First priority will be given to all GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) students (some GATE funds are being allocated to the program) and those students earning 98% or above on the CAASP Math assessment. Following priorities will be given to prior Math Olympiad and Math Olympiad Jr. Remaining spots will be filled by a lottery. To ensure the quality of the program, we will limit our school team (4-6th grades) to 60 students. 




There is a $200 fee to participate in Math Olympiad Team. The fee will go to purchasing healthy snacks (fruits, cheese, yogurt, granola bars, etc.) provided at each training session and other materials such as teaching supplements, student materials, team ID badges, t-shirts, and awards. This fee will not be refunded once training sessions start, even if your child discontinues his/her participation for any reason. Training sessions will run from September to May. 




We will be looking for a volunteer coordinator. Snacks help the kids begin more coursework at the end of their busy day. We can start class faster and do more if we are not distributing snacks. With such a large number of kids, an adult has to be in charge. Anyone wanting to volunteer in the classroom is welcome to help us run some relay events. We would love to expand the program to include more students if there are more parent volunteers to fill coaching positions.




Please note that once on the team, your child is participating in math competitions representing PCY. They are our school mathletes! They are asked to come after school each week to engage with their peers on finding solutions, being creative in their approach, and tackling difficult problems. They will be asked to persevere and keep trying even when they are not immediately successful, hone their skills, and measure their progress by their improvements. All 4-6 graders are given the same level of problems to work with, as they participate in the Elementary Division. They are encouraged and they have fun, but it is also hard work!


Three sections (teams) of Math Olympiad will be offered at PCY in the 2018-19 school year. After our initial training session, students will be assigned to a team coach. All three teams will meet on Wednesdays after school from 3:00 – 4:15 PM.


Therefore, it is important for all of our team mathletes to attend our training sessions regularly and to make sure that they are present on MOEMS Test days to officially compete in Math Olympiad. MOEMS test dates in 2018-19 season are: 






There is a possibility for additional training for Math Field Day and Mathzilla, TBA (most likely in May).




The Mathematical Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) is an international math competition for grades 4 through 8, headquartered in Bellmore, New York. Last year 170,000 students from 6,000 teams worldwide (all 50 US states and 30 countries) participated in the competition. It is open only to schools, home-schoolers, and institutes, not individuals. The Math Olympiad season runs from November to March each year, though we will start preparing in September and continue through April. The purpose of MOEMS is to stimulate enthusiasm and love for mathematics. MOEMS teaches major strategies for problem solving, develops mathematical flexibility in problem solving, strengthens mathematical intuition, and fosters creativity and ingenuity in mathematics.




  1. Edita Khanlarian (ekhanlarian@lcusd.net)
  2. Jennifer Ringo Saenz(jenringosaenz@hotmail.com) is a proud PCY parent volunteer and in her fourth year coaching Math Olympiad. She has a B.A. in Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. She solves mathematical puzzles at her day job and enjoys sharing this enthusiasm in the after school classroom.
  3. Sunyoung Fahimi(sunyoung@fahimi.net) is a PCY parent volunteer and this is her third year coaching Math Olympiad. She formerly worked as a middle school math teacher and a secondary math instructional specialist. She holds M.A.’s in Math Education and Educational Administration and Policy. In addition to coaching Math Olympiad, Mrs. Fahimi also enjoys volunteering for the PTA and serving on the LCFEF board of directors.




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We are interested in finding a volunteer for If you have any further questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact:


Edita Khanlarian (ekhanlarian@lcusd.net)
Jennifer Ringo-Saenz (jenringosaenz@hotmail.com)
Sunyoung Fahimi (sunyoung@fahimi.net)