April 14th, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the LCHS Auditorium.

Our school and community are amazing places thanks to those who contribute in so many ways to make our children's lives better. Every year, at the Founders Day celebration in April, PTA recognizes individuals who have made an exceptional effort to improve our children's educational experience. These honorees include teachers, school staff members, parents, and other volunteers.
If you know someone deserving, please take the time to nominate the person by completing the Honorary Service Awards Nomination form. Hard copies of the form are also available in the PCY office. The form can be filled out, scanned, and returned to soraya_d@mac.com, or you can turn in the completed form by dropping it off in the basket marked FOUNDERS DAY NOMINATION FORMS in the PCY office. All nominations forms are due by Friday, November 6th, 2015.
In the interest of honoring a variety of individuals each year, anyone who has received this award in the previous five years is generally not eligible to receive it again during that period. Those PCY recipients are:
2014 - Dr. Cradduck, Javier Rocha, Julie Rivas, Soraya Dancsecs, Marilyn Yang, Doreen Aitelli
2013 - Pam Watts, Diane Eggert, Laura Campobasso, Lisa Fungo, Michelle Sabourin
2012 - Laura Buchanan, Kristie Goodstein, Maral Markarian, Dayna Roberts, Lisa Simone
2011 - Shaun Apfel, Christine Chant, Lisa Dick, Edita Khanlarian, Kathy Selsor, Sandi Smith
2010 - Mickey Block, Donna Dohl, Linda Dunlop, Mary Beth Eckerle, Janis Walbrecht
Remember - no one can be honored if they are not nominated!
Questions? Please contact Soraya Dancsecs: soraya_d@mac.com