What is the PCY Directory?  
The PCY Directory contains family contact information for those agreeing to share it publicly. It is a great way to create new connections and stay in touch with family, students, faculty, and PTA members within our school community! We do create a printed directory once at the beginning of the school year, and we have a private and encrypted version of the directory available online through MySchoolAnywhere.com: 

Search by student, family or teacher - Enter partial family name, grade or teacher to help narrow your search results. 
Favorites - Each user can create their own custom family favorites list of frequently looked up numbers. 
Map It!? Links an address right to Google maps.? Great when you're on the road! 
Print your own directory - Parents can print custom email and phone lists. 
Keep it current - Parents can update their data throughout the year. 
Available anywhere, anytime, on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. 
NEW this year, there is an Apple and Google app available! 

What is important to know about the 2016-2017 school year, our second using the online directory?  
The student directory is going to be reset Saturday, August 13. All students will “graduate” to the next grade level, all students' teacher information will be wiped out, your security settings are set to "opt out" of both the online and print directories, and everyone’s access will be temporarily revoked. 

How do I get my family information into the directory? 
If you are a returning family and already had your information in the directory, you will receive an email starting Saturday, August 13 asking you to confirm your information for the new school year. Your family information will automatically be assigned to opt out of both the print and online directories unless changed by you.
If you are new to PCY, welcome. Go to join.myschoolanywhere.com and enter PCYDirectory and you will be directed to the new family page where you can enter your information. This process will be opened up also starting Saturday, August 13. 

Don't forget-- your family information will automatically be assigned to opt out of both the print and online directories unless changed by you through the confirmation process. If you do not want your data in the online directory, your student's name will also not show up in teacher rosters from the online directory unless you otherwise opt in but do not show your address/phone/email. Apologies-- this process is still separate from ConstantContact and PCYPTA.org signups.

How do I get either a printed directory or online access to the directory? 
The online directory is free once you confirm your information, thanks to the support of the PTA. I will be releasing access every evening. PTA memberships come at many different levels, some of them offer a print copy with that membership. Additional print copies are also available for purchase in the online packet. Check it out! 

How do I know the site is secure? 
This statement is from MySchoolAnywhere: "To ensure that all your data is safe in the cloud, we use state of the art security including SSL, password encryption and 24 hour secured server monitoring.  To eliminate the risk of losing data, we use 3 levels of backup: real-time, 8 hour delay and nightly.  In addition, our data collection and confirmation system ensures that your school is always in compliance with student privacy regulations like FERPA."

New to PCY? Questions? Contact: Jennifer Ringo at directory@pcypta.org 

8/21/2016 Update - 367 families confirmed! Thank you PCY famillies! 60 new families with no family information and 65 returning families unconfirmed. Please encourage new families you have met to sign up. If you have not confirmed your information, yet, help a working mom volunteer out! :)

8/29/2016 Update - 417 families confirmed! Thank you PCY famillies! I am still tracking down 37 new families with no family information and 31 returning families unconfirmed. Deadline for the print directory is this week!

9/3/2016 Update - 454 families confirmed! Thank you PCY famillies and Room Reps! I want to close the print directory this weekend so I can get them into everyone's hands as soon as possible. I may make some Labor Day calls to my missing 21 new families with no family information and 14 returning families unconfirmed.