Sports Blitz is a performance based class that helps any athlete of any ability level improve FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS. These skills include throwing, catching, jumping, kicking, striking, balance and hand eye coordination. Honing these fundamental movement skills will help young athletes prevent injury, improve weaknesses, and become more successful at all sports. 
Participants will play high energy games every class. This includes Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, Kickball, Capture the Ball and many more!
We do not stand around in Sports Blitz! The class is dynamic and exciting. Our expert coaches know how to run a program that is safe, fun, and guaranteed to improve any young athlete's skills. WE PUT THE FUN IN FUNDAMENTALS!
Tuesday 3-4pm (Grades 1-3) 
September 5th - December 19th
Thursday 3-4pm (Grades 4-6)
September 7th - December 21st
To sign up, go to