Students will build and program a new robot each week using Lego WeDo kits (the ones we use for the Open Robotics Nights). There are machines that crawl, machines that drive, machines that lift, and machines that bite. This class introduces engineering concepts such as force, torque, leverage, gear ratios, reciprocating motion, offset cams, and friction. We will program each robot's behavior in Scratch, but this is primarily about developing physical intuition and an introduction to event-driven programming, not a computer science class. A separate Senior class for grades 4-6 using Lego MindStorms will be offered in the spring. Parents of enrolled students are required to volunteer for at least one class session.

Instructors: Shanti Rao & Robert Marinovich


Grade Levels: 2-3


Class capacity: 16


Cost to class participants: $125


Meeting dates and times: 7 sessions, Tuesdays from 3-4:30 from Oct 16-Dec 11 (skipping Nov 6 for P/T Conferences and Nov 20 for Thanksgiving break)